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What is the Charles Institute?

The Charles Institute is an organization at the service of the Orange County, California legal community.  It receives its name from two great “Men for All Seasons” named Charles: Charles Carroll and Charles (aka “Charlie”) Rice. Charles Carroll was the only Catholic Founding Father of our nation and Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Charlie Rice is the late, great Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School, Marine, and boxing coach.  He epitomized all that is good about Notre Dame University and being a Catholic attorney.

The purpose of the Charles Institute is two-fold:


(i) to provide Catholic attorneys with a forum to get to know one another better and grow in friendship; and

(ii) to provide personal and professional development opportunities for attorneys in Orange County, California through a bi-monthly speakers series.


The Charles Institute is a program of the St. Thomas More Society of Orange County.

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